15 January 2016

Venues and activities

Venues and activities

(ESP) Foto del Serielizados Fest 2015

From the 7th until the 10th April, the Serielizados Fest, in addition to the presence of David Simon, will offer a lot of activities located in different venues in Barcelona, this activities will be focused on television culture, as a benchmark of pop culture. The assistants can see unpublished documentaries in Spain, comedy shows and music performances.

Arts Santa Monica

The venue for dialogue and projections 

Shows and talks:

Screenings of upcoming episodes, seasons finales to enjoy with friends, and tributes to shows that have ended. Serielizados Fest wants to create an experience for the fan. We all see shows at home, and the International Festival Series Barcelona wants to offer unique screenings of our favorite international, nacional and local shows.

Session Pro:

Institutions and professionals from local and national audiovisual industry will come to talk about the new trends. This day is dedicated for students, professionals and companies in order to analyze the present of the television culture and wich is its future.

Sala Epidor (Maldà Cinema)

Documentaries venue section

Documentaries related to the phenomenon of television drama will be screened on Saturday and Sunday. A list of unpublished documentaries in Spain that have been screened in South by Southwest Film Festival and Tribeca Festival. In the coming weeks we will be acualise the schedule of the 3rd edition of Serielizados Fest.