04 June 2018

Vince Gilligan, first guest of the 5th Serielizados Fest

Vince Gilligan, first guest of the 5th Serielizados Fest

Vince Gilligan, first guesst of the 5th Serielizados Fest

The 5th Serielizados Fest will be held from the 27th to the 30th of September, 10 years after the release of the unforgettable Breaking Bad. Thaking this anniversary into account, its creator Vince Gilligan will be one of the guests of the Barcelona International TV Series Festival.

As David Simon (The Wire) or Dan Harmon (Rick&Morty) did in the past, Vince Gilligan will sit with Toni Garcia Ramon and they will both chat about Walter White, Saul Goodman and company as they go through the influences and goals in our guest’s career. They will get together at the CCCB in Barcelona, epicentre of Serielizados Fest, on Saturday the 29th of September, and this will only be one of the many scheduled activities: international series releases, documentaries about TV pop culture, talks, professional sessions and more national and international guests.

A day before that, on Friday the 28th in the morning, at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations Blanquerna auditorium, Gilligan will join a film director to explain firsthand his work methodology and the interiorities of his series. The attendees, mostly audiovisual and media students from Blanquerna – URL, will be able to ask about the gestation, writing and filming of two series that have marked a milestone.

For those who are still wondering “who the hell is Vince Gilligan?”, here’s a profile on the creator of Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul, written by journalist Cati Moyà for Serielizados magazine.