Inauguration: Spanish premiere of ‘Fargo’ season 3
Estrena Projecció Sèries

Inauguration: Spanish premiere of ‘Fargo’ season 3

Serielizados Fest gets officially started with the Spanish premiere of the third season of ‘Fargo’, Noah Hawley’s undisputed msaterpiece. A Movistar+ release. Thursday the 20th of April at 21:30 at the Cinemes Girona.

Like any time a classic is re-approached, initial positions facing the TV adaptation of ‘Fargo’, ‘conenesque’ icon of the 90s, ranged from disgust to contempt. The amazingly powerful response creator Noah Hawley came back at us with was one for the ages: ten hours of pure ‘film noir’, masterful acting, and men’s stupidity and the insignificance of morality as prime movers of the narration. As we were still processing the ‘virtuoso’ stunt, he did it again. Season two overcame tons of hype effortlessly, offering a spectacular variation on the same subject and confirming that what was in front of us deserved a spot in the television Mount Olympus.

The third season of ‘Fargo’ will inaugurate the Serielizados Fest at the Cinemes Girona one day after its American release. This time, the plot will follow the rivalry among two brothers, both played by Ewan McGregor. We couldn’t start any better.

Collaborates: Movistar+

Where? Cinemes Girona
When? Thursday the 20th of April at 21:30. Register here

Free with previous registration until full capacity is reached.

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