Screening of the webseries ‘XConfessions’ and Q&A with Erika Lust
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Screening of the webseries ‘XConfessions’ and Q&A with Erika Lust

Erika Lust presents XConfessions: The Webseries a web series that changes pornography for erotism and incorporates new narrative lines. Screening of all 6 episodes and Q&A with the director. Saturday the 29th of September at 22:15h at the CCCB Auditorium.

When it comes to porn, the internet is filled with videos that go straight to the point with no sophistication whatsoever, enabling simplistic onanism with an extra of machismo. That is why, in times of phallocentric money shots (the way about 99% of what’s around ends) and audiovisual sex reduced to a basic diagram, we must celebrate directors like Erika Lust, whose work puts the focus on a feminine perspective and gives sense to the expression “porn cinema” again.

After spending some years devoted to recreating sexual fantasies confessed by her audience, this Swede based in Barcelona has given a second life to XConfessions by creating a web series that picks up on some of those fetishes and longings and narrates them through a more accessible erotism, which will undoubtedly bring her work to a broader audience. By the hand (and voice) of Karina Kolokolchykova and Melina Matthews, we’ll visit fascinating corners of both our city and our sexuality. And don’t be afraid of a post-coital runaway… Erika Lust will stay for a cigarette with us.

Screening in English with Spanish subtitles.