02 March 2017

Profile: Justin Webster

Profile: Justin Webster

Justin Webster

Justin Webster is a British media creator who has been living and developing his films in Barcelona for years. His last work, Muerte en León (2016), co-written with Enric Bach, investigates the murder of Isabel Carrasco, president of the diputation of León who was killed in 2014. The film effectively applies groundbreaking narrative resources to non-fiction, defending the potential of a fresh format and tacking complex issues with a steady hand and a critical point of view.

His studies in classical literature and his previous work experience as a journalist have generated the basis of his unique methodology to address documentaries, where a focus on plot and strategies more common in drama manage to keep the spectator nailed to his seat with a product with pure journalistic grounds.

Since his multi-awarded first film, FC Barcelona Confidential (2004), Justin Webster has covered all sorts of topics, from jihadist terrorism to the life of Gabriel García Márquez. He also directed the outstanding non-fiction work I Will Be Murdered (2013), about a Guatemalan lawyer who predicted his own murder on Youtube. With Muerte en León, he signs his first incursion in the series world.

Webster will come to Serielizados Fest to discuss non-fiction with Enric Bach and Carles Porta.