‘The Sleepers’
Premiere Proyección

‘The Sleepers’

Serielizados Fest is premiering in Spain ‘The Sleepers’, the new series from HBO Europe. A  spy thriller set in Prague during the 80s.

After 12 years in exile, violonist Marie and her politically engaged couple decide to go back to their beloved Prague. The system is showing weakness, but it’s still october from 1989, and the communist regime is still in power…

Three years after ‘Pustina (Wasteland)‘, Ivan Zachariáš comes back with a suffocating and measured mise-en-scenè, highlighted by elegant and enigmatic zooms, portraying a dimmed world where is difficult to breathe.

The Velvet Revolution is celebrating 30 years and HBO Europe has decided to remind us from that oppressive atmosphere in a series that develops slowly, and sets a woman in the leading role, in the spy genre which tippically is very male.

Prior selections were in Karlovy Vary and Toronto International Film Festival.

Con la colaboración de HBO España.

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